My job involves working directly with a lot of clients, some of whom represent pretty massive businesses.

One in particular, call him “The Prospector,” is just terrible. He’s based in rural Oklahoma, and he’ll always request me specifically for in-person meetings, so not only do I have to fly to the middle of nowhere to meet with him every week, but there’s absolutely nothing to do while I’m there but visit the sad hotel bar. He also calls me “sweetie” and “hun” and once told me he liked it when I wore heels, “it’s nice when a woman makes an effort with her appearance.”

In the office a few weeks ago, I get an email from the rest of my team about a “rebranding” idea he came up with. It was totally asinine, and I lit into it. And him–his fake swagger, his deluded idea that at 55+ with a massive gut he’s going to somehow go to bed with the women working for him, the weird smacking noise he makes when he eats, and how it makes it hard for me to keep down business lunches. Punches were not pulled.

It wasn’t until one of my team members pulled me aside that afternoon that I realized The Prospector had been CC’d on the email.

Thankfully my boss wasn’t, otherwise I’d probably have lost my job. I haven’t had to go to Oklahoma for the last couple weeks though, so…silver lining?

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