Not too long ago I worked for a sinking ship in Toronto – a massive newspaper conglomerate with roots in the Conservative party and an office on the outskirts of town, which meant that it took fully 90 minutes on transit to get there.

Even worse, I worked in the digital department. At a newspaper company.

The awful characters there were the worst part of a generally terrible place:

The newly-hired VP who rolled in money, wore cowboy boots and was fired for smoking weed at an executive retreat.

The incredibly slimy mid-level manager who knew nothing about digital and drove the brand into the ground, but not before naming one of his young female employees “Boobs,” and actually summoning her with that name.

Another mid-level manager who passive-aggressively let me know she was smarter than me (this is debatable) but was kind enough to let me know that business was “no place for ambitious women.”

Thanks for the advice?

Anonymous, Newspaper/Digital Media Industry

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