FMMicromanaging Boss

I work in PR for a small company, and before they hired me, they didn’t have a dedicated PR person. Which means that almost everything I do, the company president feels the need to oversee personally.

Unfortunately, he never seems to know what he wants, which means that I often end up in the position I was in this week. After multiple discussions about how best to go after an industry award, I drafted an application and sent it to him for approval (yes, he has to personally approve all my work).

The award was due mid-week; I sent it to him the Friday before, hoping to have a few days’ time to work in any edits he wanted (no matter how much I disagreed with them, because why listen to me, the person you hired to do this job?).

I don’t hear back from him until 4 PM the day before the award is due.

His suggestion? “How about instead of talking about our technological innovations in the industry [like we agreed on multiple times] we talk exclusively about our reputation for hands-on customer service.” Translation: how about you redo this thing you spent two weeks on, based on my essentially random recommendations, overnight.

After I sent it in I sent out my resume.

Lisa M., PR

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