FMBoss’s Chihuahua

My work is “pet friendly,” but my manager’s dog is so high strung, and barks so loudly at any other dog it sees, that all that really means is my manager brings his shitty chihuahua to work.

When I say “shitty,” I mean it literally.

Last week, I went out to lunch with a few people from my team, and when I came back to the office, I noticed that it smelled funny. I didn’t think much of it until I kicked off my shoes and put my foot down in something mushy.

You guessed it. The dog had decided the spot underneath my desk was a great place to take a dump.

The worst part is that my manager laughed about it and called the stupid asshole dog a “naughty little girl.” He even made his assistant clean it up, which was beyond awkward.

I knew this job would make me hate a lot of things, but I never thought it would make me hate animals.

Anonymous, Beverage industry

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