FMBoss’s Office Cats

After college, I decided to move to France for a kick.

Unfortunately, not being able to speak French really hurt my employment prospects. Who knew?

I had to take whatever I could get. So I joined a very small company which operated out of a glorified shoebox.

Although the size of the office didn’t really bother me, the office cats did (largely because I’m allergic to pretty much every animal out there).

At first I made a complaint to my boss. Unwise move. She owned all of the cats.

She said that if the cats bothered me that much, I should look for work elsewhere.

Compassionate person, right?

So rather than sneezing and having my eyes run all day long, I came to work every day that summer heavily medicated.

In hindsight, it was probably exactly what I needed to get through all of that data entry.

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