You head into the office the next morning, soggy Chinese-food leftovers in hand.

No one you knew was around for a last-minute Friendsgiving, so you didn’t even get a slice of your favorite dessert, pumpkin pie. And despite what your coworker Debby says, an “extra-pumps PSL with double whipped cream! SNRCK!” is not a reasonable facsimile. You can’t even chew lattes.

You sit down at your cube and start sorting through emails. You haven’t seen a single person yet. Your floor feels about as bustling as an abandoned morgue.

Every time you click the mouse the sound echoes off the cubicle walls.

Isn’t anyone else coming in today? It’s not as if you have a deep understanding of every facet of the company. In fact, you don’t know even know what the guy who sits beside you does.

You check the vacation calendar; dozens of people are scheduled to be here. Were you the only idiot who thought that meant something?

The hours pass by like decades. It won’t be long before you go completely mad from the silence.

You’re so. Bored.

Maybe you could carve your initials into your ankle with a box cutter? At least the pain would be a distraction…

No, you can’t resort to that yet! Christmas is still weeks away!


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