You head to the single-stall bathroom, undoing the buttons on your shirt as you walk. You’re gonna need some privacy to execute on this.

You open the bathroom door and stare at yourself in the mirror. You’re absolutely drenched in sweat. It looks like you jumped into a pool with all of your clothes on.

You lock the door.

The bathroom has no ventilation and no AC. It feels like a sauna…one where they’re pouring water over hot coals of shit.

You gag.

Jesus, someone in the office must have had a seriously rough night

Whatever, you have no choice–the communal bathroom wouldn’t work for this–and it’s time to get down business.

You’re not going to keep your clothes on and wind up making bigger, weirder wet patches at the crotch and armpits, like you did last time.

You fully strip.

You take the heavy items, like your wallet and phone, out from your pants and set them on top of the toilet tank, then hang your clothes awkwardly over a window sash and start splashing tap water all over your overheated flesh.

Once you’ve finished, your dry yourself off with a few paper towels before getting dressed.

Shit. What time is it? Your morning meeting will be starting any minute now.

Better check your phone. You go to grab it.

The phone slips through your fingers straight into the toilet.



Even worse, the shitter left giant streaks everywhere.

Imagining sticking your hand in makes you gag…

…. for the second time this morning.

If you want to go after it, click here.

If you want to abandon the phone, click here.

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