Forty-five minutes later, you hand the completed paperwork back to Sharon. She stretches, lets out a rusty-sounding yawn, and opens the door.

“Okay, now we’ll just swing by the A/V closet to grab the camera, for documentation purposes of course.”

“Of course.” You nod tightly.

“And then we’ll take a look.”

Fifteen minutes later you walk up to your cube.

“Hi!” Annelise looks up at you, a placid smile on her face. Maybe you shoud’ve asked her out instead.

“We’re going to need to look in your drawers, Miss,” Sharon pulls open the desk drawer without further warning. Is Annelise nervous? She’s still just staring at you, cow-eyed.

Probably because the drawer is empty.

“There’s nothing here.” Sharon looks at you, unimpressed.

“Well…try the others. I swear, I found my things, and, and pictures…”

Sharon pulls out the other drawers, but there’s nothing at all. Nothing except paperclips–office-issued ones–and a stick of deodorant.

“But I swear, it was right here…” Did you imagine it? Are you losing your mind? You’re pretty sure this is really happening, but your Uncle Jim did have a lot of fugue states…

“Alright, so I need to issue a formal reprimand.” Sharon turns.

To you.

“Wasting office resources is against our policy. As is going into coworkers’ desks, incidentally.”

“I understand that. Honestly, though, it was all right here.”

“This is just a warning, but next time you–”

“ASK HER! I swear to GOD–”

Sharon rolls her eyes and continues her recitation.

You can’t focus on what she’s saying anymore, though. All you can see is the look of crazed triumph in Annelise’s eyes as she mouths “I’m watching you.”

Well, at least that’s kinda hot.


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