You all remember Choose Your Own Adventure novels from when you were a kid, stories where you could follow any path you wanted and wind up with dozens of exciting, varied outcomes.

But now you’re a grownup. Grownups have choices, but they’re not good; no matter what they choose, things tend not to end well.

The Choose Your Own Misery* parody books reimagine the beloved childhood classics as darkly comic choose-your-path stories for miserable, downtrodden adults. The first in the series, Choose Your Own Misery: The Office, was published by Diversion Books January 26, 2016.

In the first installment, readers play as a typical office drone who’s miserable at work, in love, and just generally. Find out whether you’ll lose your job, lose your office v-card, or lose mobility below the waist (possibly permanently) in this comic choose-your-own-path day at the office.

Future titles in the series include Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays (October 18, 2016).

* Choose Your Own Misery is a parody; this series is not affiliated with Chooseco