You’re face-to-face with your boss, but your body remains half-turned toward your computer screen. You blindly fumble around for the ‘off’ button while trying to maintain eye contact with him.

You poke at a few different buttons…or was that the same button multiple times?

“I hear Prezi is all the rage these days,” you say.

You take a quick peek at the screen.


Rather than turning it off, you’ve repeatedly hit the zoom button.

You turn back to your boss. He looks horrified.

“That’s, um, nothing,” you say.

“What’s nothing?’ he asks.


Didn’t he read the message on your screen?

“Alright. It’s settled, we’ll go with Prezi,” he says. “I’m sure it will, uh-uh-uh, blow everyone’s socks off.”

“If you need a hand I’m happy to help.”

Your boss gives a small nod before walking away from your cube.

“Oh, and for your, uh-uh-uh, information,” he stops, turning around to look you square in the eye, “everyone likes the smell of their own farts. That’s just common knowledge.”

Jesus, Debby had to ping you now.

You can’t speak. It feels as though someone is mainlining liquid dread right into your heart.

You’re going to have to do one hell of a job on that Prezi.


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