You go to the break room where you know the grimy, outdated communal computer is always logged into the company’s “info@” email account.

Might as well give Bev–humorless scold that she is–something to really gripe about.

You hit ‘reply all’ to her email and start typing away.

Every Employee in the Secret Santa pool liked Christmas a lot…
But Bev, who worked downstairs in ad sales, did NOT!
Bev hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
She thought even Santa was religious treason!

Oh yeah, that’s good. Subversive and biting satire at its finest. The Onion would probably pay a king’s ransom for your work.

You finish writing the poem and give it a quick once over.

Even more brilliant at second glance. And of course you’re shielded by “info@” anonymity!


It’s sent.

You head back to your desk feeling extremely pleased with yourself. That “But for organics, an $8 limit won’t buy a lot!” line especially stuck it to her!

Time to get back to the grind. Facebook, Pinterest, or Reddit?

You opt for Facebook and start scrolling down your feed.

Whoa! It looks like Debby, your sort-of-work friend, just posted Bev’s email and your poem with the heading ‘Today’s office email chain – LOL!’

You feel your heart swell with pride as the likes and comments start pouring in.


“We have this person at my office, too, ugh.”


This is easily the most creative thing you’ve ever done in your working life. People are absolutely loving it!


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