You click open a comment window on Debby’s Facebook thread and frantically start typing.

Thanks for sharing Debby! I have to own up: I wrote this about an hour ago.


You feel a rush of exhilaration quickly followed by self-doubt. It’s not tacky claiming credit, is it?

Your comment gets three likes in quick succession. You feel much more confident and self-assured.

Who knows, maybe you should buy that screenwriting software?

Just as you’re about to sign out, you see your comment get commented on.

Oh shit, it’s from Bev! You should’ve known she’d be friends with someone from the office.

You read it.

Really funny to mock my values, asshole.

Your pulse is racing wildly. You’ve flown too close to the sun on wings made of hilarious prose.

An email comes in from your boss almost instantaneously, with the subject line “HR meeting re: sensitivity training in my office NOW.”


You should have known when you entered the realms of biting social commentary that you’d be made to pay for your incisive views. You and those Charlie Hebdo guys. Martyrs for your beliefs.


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