Tomorrow’s the day: your office’s annual Halloween costume contest and potluck.

Which you wouldn’t necessarily care about–there’s something even more awkward about the conversations you have in the break room when your coworker is stuffed into a too-small superhero leotard–except for the prize for the winner:

A free personal day for the best costume.

You must win this contest.

It’s decided by vote, so the real question isn’t which costume is best, it’s which costume your mostly-inane coworkers will vote for. Last year Gina, the receptionist, hand-sewed a photo-perfect Gone with the Wind ballgown, and curled her hair up like Vivian Leigh’s, and even affected a southern accent all day, but Alex, your office love, and Morgan, your nemesis, still won with their “Jay-Z getting attacked by Solange” outfit. Alex’s tux wasn’t even the right color, and Morgan had on boxing gloves–it was frankly ridiculous. And they gave out two days off, which is totally unheard of.

But it won, that’s the important part.

Clearly your office mates like the edgy costumes. You just need to pick the right one.

You could go as your boss. A few years back someone won by going as Sharon from HR simply by gluing at least a case of Parliaments to a dress. You’d have to play it up; just wearing the right suit clearly won’t be enough.

Or you could go the Jay-Z and Solange route and push people’s buttons a little: as Bill Cosby, complete with a pudding cup full of pills.

If you want to go as your boss, click here.

If you want to go as Cosby, click here.

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