You should’ve known Morgan was only buttering you up in order to fuck you harder later. You should never trust your instincts.

Well two can play this game. If you can’t get credit for the few ideas you do have, you’ll at least make sure Morgan doesn’t come out ahead for being a sneaky little shitbag thief.

You could go to your boss about it, of course, or even talk to Morgan directly…

But no, no. Open warfare like that will just backfire. Morgan’s slippery, after all–isn’t this proof?–and your boss hates anything resembling confrontation.

So what’s the best way to ensure Morgan pays for this vicious crime? How can you ensure Morgan’s “brilliant” idea fails utterly?

If you want to give Morgan bad work, click here.

If you want to slip some laxatives into Morgan’s coffee at the presentation, click here.

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