FMOffice Chat

At my work, we’re all expected to be on office chat at all times. We have the cheap version, though, which doesn’t save any conversations, so we always use it to bitch to each other.

My boss’s name starts with an S. My closest work friend is an R. One day I’d had a chat going with R about how totally worthless management was (both our jobs during that time period were basically “try the same old thing and pretend we’re going to get results, then take the blame when, inevitably, we don’t get results”). I was about to head to the bathroom, so I closed the window, then I thought of one last thing to mention:

“But you know she’s going to obsess over every detail on it, anyway, even though it won’t make any difference.”

My boss wrote back: “wrong message window?”

I shot her back a message claiming I’d been talking about a mutual friend’s wedding planning…then got chewed out for using chat for personal convos. Whatever, better than the alternative.

-Laura S., Public Relations

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