Letting your rage do the writing for you, you hit reply:

I received your last email–I wanted to let you know I’m opting to work from home today; I just don’t feel as though it’s safe to come in.

I know you wouldn’t want me to put myself at risk of a fall, or something worse. Rather than endanger myself on unsafe roads, or waste hours of company time on commuting, I’ll log in remotely.


You hit send and imagine all the things you could do with the next hour, your “commute.”

Maybe you can bang out all your emails for the day now, and just parcel them out over the next few hours?

Or you could sleep for way longer…

You’re halfway back to your bed when you hear an email come in.

I received your email. Frankly, I’m disappointed in your attitude. We’re not asking you to scale Kilimanjaro, and it’s not a surprise that we get occasional winter weather here. If you really feel so strongly, then work from home. Hopefully your coworkers won’t feel too resentful of you making that decision when they’re sacrificing their time and energy to get in.

Jesus. How do you even respond to that? Should you even respond?

You begin to doubt yourself. Have you made a horrible mistake by standing your ground?

You lay down and close your eyes. You’ve made your bed, you may as well sleep in it, right?

A second email from your boss comes in. It’s addressed to the entire office.

Certain people have displayed a less-than-professional attitude. Rather than create an unfair situation, management has decided you can personally make the decision to stay at home for the day if you think it’s absolutely necessary.

God, you feel conflicted. There’s no way you’re going to be able to enjoy this day now. But you can’t back out anymore, not after that second email.

“Victory,” you murmur to yourself.

Is this the definition of a Pyrrhic victory?

Yes. It definitely is.


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