In fact, going into work at all today isn’t an option.

You fumble on your nightstand for your phone. No one should be in the office for almost two hours. You know it’s a cop out, and it’ll probably make your manager ask questions tomorrow, but right now, the idea of actually speaking to a real person is impossible to wrap your shattered head around. By tomorrow you’ll have a good enough answer for her.

You tap in the office number.


Shit, no one was supposed to answer.

“Uh, who’s this?”

“What do you want?”

The fog over your brain clears momentarily. You recognize this creaking, wavery voice. It’s Betsy, the ancient receptionist. Who apparently sleeps under her desk.

“Uh, sorry, I didn’t expect anyone would be in at this hour. I was just calling because I’ve been up all night sick and I really don’t think—”

“You don’t have any sick days left,” she says sharply.

“Well, I guess…just use one of my vacation days, then, please.”

“You know you’ve already used nine out of your ten vacation days.”

“I understand that, but I’m too ill to—”

“And it’s only March.”


If you want to use your last vacation day, click here.

If you want to backtrack and go into the office, click here.